Better protect citizens and public spaces in the European Union against terrorist attacks and threats with chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosives (CBRN-e threats). That is the idea behind the Quick Response for Operational Centres (QROC) project. The project aims to create an information platform on which the Operational Centres (OCs) of the EU Member States can exchange necessary operational data faster and more securely, making use of new innovative technologies. This can improve preparedness (situational awareness) and the decision-making process during (impending) emergencies. The QROC project focuses on the exchange of best practices and examines how national OCs can better familiarise themselves with new, innovative developments. The QROC project is an initiative of the core group of the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (ENLETS).




European Commission, DG Migration & Home Affairs, ISFP PROTECT program. DITSS is overall coördinator and project manager of the project.

Project duration
November 1st 2019 – October 31th 2021.
Collaborative partners
  • TNO
  • AEORUM Espana S.L.
  • Polish Platform for Homeland Security
  • European University of Cyprus
  • Autonoom Provinciebedrijf Campus Vesta (B)
  • 11 EU police forces
  • KMAR

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